About Highway Max - Coloured Smoke

Highway Max Tyres were first produced in Doveton Victoria in 1999 and were originally introduced to the Australian market as a new tyre alternative. Using cutting edge European Technology, all Highway Max Tyres were balanced and painstakingly tested against faulty workmanship, before release. Subsequently, the finished product was by far the best re-manufactured tyre on the Australian Market and all tyres came with a 'better than new' tyre guarantee.

Since the influx of Cheap Chinese tyres into the Australian market, Tyre manufacturing in Australia basically became extinct due to these cheap imports. Highway Max Tyres remain to this day, fully (and proudly) made in Australia.

In 2011 Highway Max Tyres made a resurgence on the Burnout Scene as the tyre of choice for many competitors - including Burnout Champion Steve Loader. After a considerable increase in the popularity of the tyre, fans began requesting the tyres be made in various colours..... and so the Highway Max - Coloured Smoke Tyre was born.

Highway Max - Coloured Smoke Tyres has become the number 1 gender reveal burnout tyre in the world.